We Didn’t Reinvent the  Orgasm...but We Sure Gave it An Upgrade!

The male orgasm. When it comes to the big finale, why does a man's climax sometimes feel...well, anticlimactic? After all, for all the build up and expectation that leads up to it, many of us are often left wondering “Is that it?”. Here’s what we know, it’s not our performance, our partners will happily tell you that. So what is it? Genetics? Do we all need to take on some expert level tantra practice? The secret actually lies in the right combination of vitamins, and we’ve officially cracked that bad boy wide open. Gentlemen, we proudly introduce Folsac.


Now, when we talk about vitamins we don’t mean upping the OJ, we are talking about a seamless, scientifically proven formula that enhances your ejaculation loads and prolongs your orgasms. Folsac isn’t the stuff you heard about from your buddy’s cousin who had a short stint in the adult film industry, we are talking about a formula with no proprietary blends, no side effects, and without all the trash you find in other supplements.


Worried you kept the boys in the hot tub a little too long or sipped on a bit too much Mountain Dew? Fear not, our clinical research has shown us that the vitamin combination in Folsac can increase sperm count by up to 74%. How’s that for packing in the fireworks?


So, when it comes to the great O does Eve really have Adam beat? There’s one way to find out. Forget the exercises, forget the mantras, and step into the future of the male orgasm.

A new level of pleasure is right at your fingertips. Buy now!