I am pleased with the results. Climax definitely feels like it's going to keep going. Used the 30 day supply and started noticing results in about 5 days. Great product. 

Lawrence from Scarborough, Ontario

I saw Folsac ads on a forum that I visit but I never paid them any attention. Then I saw another mention of Folsac somewhere else and I was like **** it " I can waste $7 to try this **** out". I got it in the mail during the week and hit my girl up on the weekend. My girl couldnt even swallow everything. She asked me wtf I was eating lol. The actual orgasm feels even better. Like you cant control it to stop. Try one of them for tolerance then next time pop two. I swear you'll want to cum and not give a f**k about pulling out.
Travis from Durham, NC

Folsac has me exploding like a Rocket taking off for space

Mike from Merced, CA

I first heard about this product on a forum and wanted to know if it really worked. Im young but wanted to create more massive loads. I purchased a 5 pack and took one each day with no sex until the sixth day. When I came, it felt like I came twice at one time. Cum literally kept shooting out and my girlfriend was speechless. It was like the porno movies.

Brian from Kennesaw, GA 

When you're my age you tend to accept that your best pleasure days are behind you. Admittedly, my climaxes were short lived. 2 to 3 squirts and that was it. I have tried a few ejaculation pills before and nothing really worked. I was expecting the same with Folsac but I am glad that I took the leap. I am able to supply nice healthy loads. Larger than what I was used to when I was younger. The thrill is back!

Dean from Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Excellent product , noticed results with a few days  increased my water intake and the Folsac promised as delivered. Definitely more volume and intensity

AJ from Wilmington, NC