Folsac Extra Strength - 30 Capsules

Folsac Extra Strength - 30 Capsules

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We’re upping our game by bringing you a breakthrough new product: Folsac Extra Strength. We took your feedback into account and created yet another revolutionary semen volume supplement.

This one, twice as potent as its predecessor. From now on, there’s no need to take more than the recommended daily dosage of 1 x capsule. This pharmacy-grade dosage is ideal for men with low-sperm count issues, weak ejaculations, and orgasms that lack intensity.

Our research and development led us here, with a product that builds up larger ejaculation loads so you can enjoy more intense, longer orgasms than ever before – FASTER than ever before.

For more profound orgasms, get YOUR Folsac Extra Strength now. You will thank yourself for it.